A relative of the Rojales deputy mayor, Inmaculada Chazarra, is using around 9,000 square meters of agricultural land owned by the City Council for agricultural production without municipal authority. The plot is located around the Museo de la Huerta.

In spring, corn was planted, a crop traditionally used in the Vega Baja for livestock fodder. However, the grower only had a permit until last August.

The socialist government team explained the process of ceding public lands stating that it was initially managed by the Department of Agriculture. They were assigned by ballot among the interested parties and it was allocated to a cousin of the councillor.

The land was given on the understanding that artichokes would be grown for two years in August 2019, that is, until August 2021.

As a consequence of the torrential rains during DANA and the damage caused, the allocation was extended by one year, that is, until August 2022, but it was done without any type of administrative procedure.

However this is understood not to be the only case as the use of public land has been surrounded by controversy in recent years in Rojales due to the way in which it was originally allocated.