The streets of the Orihuela municipality may soon be cleaner than ever before, after the cleaning team has been boosted by another 35 workers.

As a result, the urban waste and cleaning staff has gone from a team of 103 to 138, according to the Councillor for Resources Human Rights, Luisa Boné, explaining that the new workers occupy 11 driver and 24 operator positions, which will provide service throughout the municipal area.

The Orihuela Costa benefits from more drivers than the city and surrounding villages, but the reverse is the case when it comes to the cleaning operatives. Specifically, six drivers and ten operators will provide service in Orihuela Costa, while five drivers and thirteen laborers will do so in the urban centre and the districts.

Thus, Luisa Boné has highlighted that “from Human Resources we have worked to strengthen the urban cleaning service, increasing the workforce by more than 45 percent and an investment of 750,000 euro.”

For his part, the Councillor for Urban Solid Waste and Street Cleaning, Guillermo Cánovas, has considered that this reinforcement of the staff “will allow us to improve the cleaning service, which is one of the essentials in the municipality, and which had a deficient staff in order to meet the needs of Orihuela.