The company that owns the 20kv medium voltage overhead line located between Puente de la Glea and the beginning of calles Wenceslao Fernández and Elvira Lindo in Campoamor has begun the works to bury the electric supply cable underground.

Thus, 523 metres of medium voltage line will be buried and seven supports that cause visual discomfort, as well as the risk of car collisions and broken conductors due to contact with trees, will be eliminated. The result will be 937 metres of underground line, since it is necessary to modify its layout.

The Councillor for Infrastructures, Ángel Noguera, has indicated that “this burying is the result of the management carried out by the Infrastructure Department, with which it has been possible to respond to the demands of the residents at no cost to the municipal coffers.” The councillor also said that the estimated cost of the work is 200,000 euro. The Infrastructure Department of Orihuela town hall requested that the company take over the cost of the work, which has finally occurred.