Andrew Atkinson talks exclusively to Torrevieja based international dance star, Tbilisi, Georgia born Katie Street, who is back performing in shows, following the Covid-19 pandemic


Katie with José Luis Ruiz in Guardamar.

Quote: ‘Jose loves to practice and diversify choreographies. He’s a tireless professional – while the moon is shining, he’s sending me videos with ideas for our new project’

Katie with José Luis Ruiz in Guardamar.

IN 2020-21 Katie teamed up with the King of Tango, Playa Flamenca based Vincent Simone, staging dance practise and teaching classes, something that was eventually thwarted by Covid-19.

Katie, who works at Strictly Dance Spain, said of returning to the dance floor after the Covid-19 pandemic: “During the lockdowns caused by the coronavirus pandemic the shows were limited, as were practise sessions.”

Katie, who has appeared at the world famous The Ritz, Ferrari World and The Emirates Palace, said: “It was an amazing experience performing at some of the world’s most iconic venues, dancing at the Ritz Hotel, Ferrari World and The Emirates Palace was an amazing experience.

“The people I met were brilliant and the whole experience is something that will stay with me forever. I feel like I’ve reached the highest level with all the wonderful places I’ve been able to dance.”

I spoke to Katie, performing with José Luis Ruiz at a Dance Party event in Guardamar. Dance Party has been a huge success. Katie said: “Jose loves to practice every day and diversify the choreographies. He is a tireless professional and very responsible with the training.

“And while the moon is shining, he is sending me videos with ideas for our new project.”

Having danced in Georgia, Katie has showcased in the UK, UAE, Spain, France, Australia, Sweden, Italy, Greece, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Bulgaria.

She has also been performing in Strictly Dance Spain in Torrevieja, accompanied by Josè and DJ Lorenzo to music, including hits from the 70s, 80s and 90s.

“From our experience we have learned to adapt to the demand of our followers.

“They love to see high-level dance first, then get involved by receiving a short dance class, dancing immediately on what they have learned.

“Then unleash themselves with music from the 70s, 80s, and more catchy songs that won’t let you sit down,” said Katie.

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