The Remembrance Day service, this year on Sun 13th November, means so much to so many “Lest we Forget”  Remembering and honouring those who have died in service of their country is an event that happens all over the world. Each country remembers those who gave their lives to save those at home; to keep their loved ones safe and free from the enemy.  This of course is all the more poignant this year as war continues to rage in Eastern Europe; and sadly, there are still wars and battles going on around the world with many victims: soldiers and innocents.

Working at an International School here on the Costa, and facilitating the Remembrance Day Assemblies over my years there, it was always so good to see that respect and honour was clearly visible and meaningful to those Secondary age students.  When I invited RBL representatives or others who had served in the war, the respect they were shown by all was phenomenal and gave me hope for future generations.

Writing once a month I move to thinking about Advent, which starts on 27th November this year, as we begin to prepare mentally, physically and spiritually for Christmas; the day that Jesus Christ was born as a helpless baby into the care of two very normal, everyday nondescript people. Jesus was born to die.  He did not just give His life for His country but for the entire world.  And yet, where is His respect? What about His special day of remembrance?

Christmas has sadly been relegated to “Happy Holidays” by too many. What happened to “Jesus is the reason for the Season”?  Jesus was born and lived a sinless life so that He could give His life for each of us, to save us from the enemy:  Satan, the enemy no one likes to talk about.  Jesus knew how excruciating the end would be and still He went through with it.  This Advent and Christmas time will you take time to read the bible, to read Jesus´ story?  To ensure that we pass respect and honour for what He did for us, to our children and grandchildren? Read of His life and His death and prepare to honour Him as we should and not be ashamed?

Dates for your diary:                                                                                                  Remembrance Day Service at Pilar Christian Community Church Sunday 13th November at 11am

Carol Service in Pilar Christian Community Church on Sunday 18th Dec at 11am.

Carols in the Church Sq, Pilar de la Horadada with RBL band, church & public sing along on Sat 17th Dec 17:00 -19:00.

Phil Molloy.  Pilar Christian Community Church. Calle Canalejas 3, Pilar de la Horadada. English Service at 11am every Sunday.