San Fulgencio Council has given the green light to its Municipal Youth Plan for the period 2022-2025.

Councillor Samantha Hull told The Leader, “for the first time we have a roadmap that responds to the needs of young people in the town, in addition to improving municipal services and benefits aimed especially at them.”

This plan has been drawn up through a participatory process involving politicians, municipal and teaching staff and local experts, as well as the young people of the municipality themselves, who have taken part. “It was very important for us to involve young people in the design and planning of the proposal, as well as in its development and evaluation,” said Hull.

The document has given priority to six areas: the housing situation and the difficulty of emancipation of young people; equality, studies and training; health and well-being; leisure and free time; and their contribution to local society.

Hull said that “within each of these areas, the Council has developed numerous measures and actions to meet their demands, which we will soon begin to implement and see develop”.

Hull also pointed out that the success of the plan will depend “not only on the will of the public authorities, but also on the participation and initiative shown by the young people themselves”.

She appealed “to our young people and social partners involved in this area, so that they do not hesitate to participate, and if they have suggestions that they feel might contribute they should come to my office and speak to me personally.”