It was another disappointing day for the competitors of the SAMM racing fleet as the weather again decided not to cooperate only providing very light winds. But at least they were a little stronger than last week so the lighter dinghies could race but the two heavier day sailers really struggled.

To try to help the first race start was delayed for an hour and all the dinghies got away well, Ginetta did manage to start but 25 minutes late because of a problem with the foresail but Sirocco failed to make it so was a DNS (Did Not Start) for her.

The Race Officer had set an Olympic course across the southerly wind and the dinghies battled it out for five to six laps with The Omega finally triumphing with an average lap time of 516 seconds, only 18 seconds ahead of the second placed boat. An especially great result for new member Fiona McMahon in her first SAMM race.

The two bigger boats did not even try to start the second race so it was again a close fought contest between the dinghies again in a southerly wind but, a shift in wind direction to south east made having to decide the correct course to sail crucial. This time the Laser Radial of John Down was declared the winner with an average lap time of 557 seconds

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Photo shows from L to R Steve Hall and Fiona McMahon winners of the first race, John Down winner of the second.