Vehicle documents such as the ficha técnica de la ITV or the permiso de circulación are unique documents that allow you to identify your vehicle among all the others. That is why it is essential that, in case of loss, you obtain a duplicate as soon as possible. If you drive with an undocumented vehicle, you will be fined.

Duplicate Vehicle Documents

When you buy a car, whether new or second-hand, you are required to carry two documents in your vehicle if you are going to drive with it:

El permiso de circulación.

La ficha técnica de la Inspección Técnica de Vehículos (ITV).

You are also required to carry the ITV report, if your vehicle has one.

The permiso de circulación is a mandatory document shared by the countries of the European Union and that every vehicle receives when it is registered. It contains, among other information, the car’s registration number, the date of registration and issue, the make of the vehicle and the type, and type of fuel.

In order for the permiso de circulación to be valid, it must be presented together with the ficha técnica de la Inspección Técnica de Vehículos (ITV). It is also a mandatory document that certifies that your vehicle is suitable for driving on Spanish roads by complying with the necessary technical approvals.

If any of these two documents are lost, stolen or damaged, you must request a duplicate from the DGT as soon as possible since you cannot drive without them or, otherwise, you will be fined.

How to request duplicate vehicle documents?

If your car papers have been stolen or lost, you must first go to the police station to report it as these documents can be used fraudulently. One of the reasons documents are sometimes stolen from vehicles is to ‘make up’ a stolen car in another country, for example. With the stolen documentation they create a false number plate and thus try to sell the vehicle in another geographical area.

Once you have notified the Police and your insurance (they must be informed in case someone commits a crime with your vehicle’s documents), you can proceed to apply online, by phone or in person for the replacements.

To do this, you need:

Fill out the duplicate request form.

Identify yourself with your ID.

Pay the fees.

From here, it should take about two weeks for the document to arrive at your home. Remember, you cannot drive without the documents though, although there is a way of driving whilst you wait if your documents are available in the ‘miDGT’ app.

If you want to request the ITV card you will have to go to an ITV station or, if your car is registered after May 2016, you can request the electronic ITV through the DGT website.

If you do not want to risk losing your documents, you can obtain a certified copy from a notary, taking your originals to them to be processed, or, as mentioned, through the ‘miDGT’ app, where you can consult all the documentation for your vehicle, in addition to your driving licence, on your mobile.

For more information, the full procedure, and access to the electronic office to submit an application for lost documents, visit the DGT website,


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