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It was a cold and windy day in the UK in December two thousand and nineteen, on the twelfth to be exact. It was the day which laid the basis for a political circus to start a few months’ later. It was also the day when Boris Johnson defied the critics and won the General Election with an impressive majority, by reversing many Labour held seats into questionable blue.

Perhaps the unpleasant blustery cold conditions of the day were a forecast of what would happen in the following months after what should have been a momentous occasion for the Conservative Party, when sadly, it became a ‘free for all’ uncontrollable mess.

Why? Possibly because the days of pure honesty and trust have vanished along with morality, respect and loyalty, all replaced by greed and me, me, me!

For a government to be able to act, its members must give total support to the leader, which is essential. That is not to say in a dictatorial way, but the precise way through discussion within the group.

The devotion to the cause of governing by all its members is paramount if progress is to be made. In a democracy where the difference of opinion is sought in the decision making process, anyone who has opposing thoughts should accept the judgement of the group.

‘The Spy Catcher’ book is the true story of how the Secret Service worked in the United Kingdom during the cold war and others. The book was banned because it was thought to relay too many secrets, although it was available in other parts of the world.

In it, Peter Wright the author, and at one time a man who was high in the circles of the clandestine operation, describes the infiltration of enemy facilities. This method of causing dismay and destruction was also carried out by the resistance movements on the continent during World War Two. Are we looking at something similar, but on a lesser scale, where a governing party, right of centre, has members who think totally different to the history of the faction.

Or, probably stating the obvious, the powerful people who objected to Brexit are using that influence to destroy the workings of an elected administration.

What we have here is similar to a tug of war team, whose members love being selected to be on the rope but don’t want to do any of the pulling.

It is an extraordinarily difficult to cast off the opinions and learnings of one’s upbringing. The caring of the family and its thoughts from a young age has a direct bearing on the decisions of life. I cannot help thinking that being a Member of Parliament for a party which is right wing in its thinking must be counter to a person who has been brought up with a different ideology, as per the change from the red wall to blue. Perhaps that is why the party does not seem to pull as one in the same direction.

However, I think it goes far deeper than that, where, after forty or more years during which the UK was seriously linked to Brussels, without going into the whys and the wherefores of Brexit, the divisions after the vote to leave are deep and unforgiving.

Never mind the fact that the British people voted to leave, a decision not acceptable by the powerful Remain lobby who have the means and the  desire to reverse what they see as the wrong direction, and no doubt damaging to their way of life.

What was important to this faction, those in and out of the government, was to be rid of the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, the man capable of progressing the Brexit phenomenon, so he was accused with a barrage of words of lying to Parliament – in my view no more than sound bites as most politician do, nothing more than his view of the future. And of course, the ‘Partygate’ nonsense by referring to it over and over again made it into something it was not.

Where is the party of Government now? In tatters. A mixture of members who have their own agendas backed by money which would prefer total change. It is also hampered by a Civil Service reluctant to follow instructions and capable of reversing the Administrations orders. Hence, very little progress with the Government’s requirements.

There is also the question of thousands and thousands of migrants arriving on the shores almost daily, with the authority tangled up in EU Human Rights Laws that they have little answer for.

The new Prime Minister, Liz Truss, was thrown into the deep end of leadership with very little time to prepare for it, so I can understand that her administration is not up to scratch, and mistakes have been made. However, is she the right person to control the Conservative party? Maybe, but her history has not been one of devotion to its course, as at one time she was Liberal, and her family is in the opposing corner – and I wonder if she is another implant.

More frightening is where the stewardship of the country is going. People younger than thirty-five would see the present administration set up with three parliaments outside Westminster, and each city having its controlling Mayor, as normal. This came about when Tony Blair’s executive, twenty years ago, divided the Union up into separate governing parts.

The power at Westminster shrunk when the other parliaments came into being and the office of Mayor was giving far more autonomy, so much so there are some towns and cities in England which are as English as the Middle East.

More frightening, with a government that has little or no authority, we are seeing the total collapse of the United Kingdom itself, as it is slowly taken over by the established settlers, and  a thousand years of Britishness is at risk of vanishing into a very different type of organisation.

Take care chattey

The article was written prior to the resignation of Liz Truss