It has been frantic with car parking in Avenida Espania and at the lower end of Calle San Francisco close to La Zenia Beach this summer. Cars have parked wherever they saw a space, and motorists  continued to ignore the no Entry sign, just avoiding people walking to the beach.

There were many near misses involving children who were not aware of the cars heading towards them as they ran excitedly towards the beach.

During recent weeks the Ayuntamiento has noted the problem and painted no parking YELLOW lines on both sides of Avenida Espania leading to the beach, as well as at the entrance to Calle San Francisco.

Unfortunately, however, the new restrictions continue to be ignored by motorists who still park in the controlled areas, which Police regularly patrol, but choose to ignore despite the yellow lines.

Residents are now asking why the police are not enforcing these no-parking restrictions?