Former Orihuela Ciudadanos councillor, Juan Ignacio López-Bas, now a member of the Spanish Parliament, the Congress of Deputies, has reprimanded the central government for its “absolute inaction” and the “permanent blockade” of the work necessary to widen the variant of the N-332 road as it passes through the municipality of Torrevieja.

“Despite the Government receiving the question about the project in July 2021 and asking for it to be repeated just two months ago, the answer they have given is practically the same but with slightly different words,” said the spokesman for Transportes del GPC, who has denounced the “multiple prevarications” by the Government to the question.

“A year ago they said that the delay was as a result of having to finish drafting and approving the layout project and now, in answer to the latest enquiry about the same project, all they can say is that it is still ‘pending provisional approval’. We have now seen a whole year without any progress?

The Alicante deputy also pointed out that “in January 2019, the former mayor of Torrevieja, José Manuel Dolón (Los Verdes), congratulated himself because ‘the deadlines were being met as planned’ after having met with representatives at that time of the Ministry of Public Works.

López-Bas has highlighted that the Government’s responses “demonstrate that there has been no movement at all, as now “the Minister says that his department is still awaiting a response from the City Council, for the occupation of land necessary to provide at least a provisional solution”. For this reason, López-Bas has urged the Torrevieja council to “expedite the procedures for this transfer of land” and “finally begin to reactivate this project.”

“Meanwhile, the residents of the area, and the tourists who visit the region, continue to suffer traffic jams and accidents due to the bottleneck that forms, especially along the route that runs through the urban area of ​​Torrevieja” with just “a single lane in each direction.”