Serenity Insurance Darts League

Match Results for 22nd September

Week 1

Mind The Gap   11-1      Leeson St. Trotters

Hub Hyenas     10-2      C.C.´s Bees

Fallen Angels    7-5        Tipsy Toad Tiaras

CK1 Lads          4-8        Danny’s Bar

Pint Depot Queens        4-8        Freakie Taverners

El Capitan          10-2      CK1 Ladybirds

Tipsy Toad Toppers       11-1      Angels Delights

CC’s Flyers         12-0      Hub Hellraisers

Domino’s Desperados   P-P        Milo´s

This season’s Thursday evening darts, welcomes a new sponsor, Serenity Insurance, with last terms sponsors One Way Services in a supporting role. The benefit to League members, the opportunity of the best insurance cover through Jayne Leggatt of Serenity, but any personal legal issues through Matt Smith of O.W.S. Both organisations welcome your enquiries.

The league’s committee have introduced an amended format this term. Eighteen teams will play each other once in a qualification round until early February. Three divisions will then be introduced subject to position, each division of six playing each other twice for final placings. Prizes for winners and runners up in each division plus the usual singles, pairs and ko competitions throughout the league programme.

A time frame of 3 hours (8-30 to 11-30) considered sufficient for match completion in each format. The popular 3 triples, 3 pairs and 6 singles are retained, 1st division playing best of 3 in both pairs and singles, 2nd division, best of 3 in singles only, 3rd division, one leg only in each discipline.

Captains are reminded to ensure match results and a legible copy of the result sheet are forwarded by 10-00am the Friday following each game.

Hub Hyenas v C.C.’s Bees

Despite the cacophony of noise emanating from the Hub’s loud speakers, both sides managed to navigate the warm up, draw and match, without actually speaking to each other, “the noise ear splitting”.

Hub found themselves fortunate to be 3-0 up, through Alex Nikolov, Mark Ellis and Alan Havelock. Ellis recording 123,99,135,180, Andre Wing 98,140. Tons from C.C.’s Bruce Admiral and Dave Jennings. The latter making it 3-1 on D18, partner Admiral taking care of the scoring. Nikolov and Ellis D6, then Wing D6 and Paul Durrant, closed the half at 5-1.

Ellis 100,95, took out 104 ensuring the draw, Admiral 100, outing on 32 for C.C.’s second leg. Wing 100,140, D11 claimed the match, Cam Nesbitt 92,100, hot on his heels. Havelock, 81,100,D20, Durrant 100,81,114, D3 opponent Paul Christopher, 100,128. Eric Manders 112, finally found D1 in the last leg. POTM – Ellis,  Admiral.

C.K. 1 Lads  v  Danny’s Bar

Captain Bob Smith’s squad rotation system, once again worked for the wily old ex serviceman. The Lads opened with 2 wins in the triples via Paul Green and Malcolm Luckwell. Dannys Rob Norbury D18, making it 2-1 despite a Kevin Wood 140. Luckwell D7 regaining the 2 leg advantage. Smith 100,81 D8 and Lesley Lumb D1 taking it to all square at teatime.

Steve Lumb 140, D20, Mike Parry, D20 and Smith 83,95,138,D2, narrowly defeating C.K.’s  Wood 81,85,135, ensuring a draw for Dannys. Ginge Lewis 85,85,100 D9 made it 4 for the hosts, Dave Spencer 100, D3 and Lesley Lumb 100, D8 rounding off the match, winning 5 of the 6 singles, crafty old Bob.  POTM – Wood, Smith.

C.C.’s Flyers  v  Hub Hellraisers.

Only 7 scores of note from the visitors and three of those courtesy of Lesley Dolling. Too much sun and Sangria indulgence l would imagine. Some notable performances from the Flyers, Doug Adkins, 140 and 2 game shots, Chelsea Campbell, 100,100,121 plus 2 outs. Jesus Madrid 2×100, 85,81,83 and 2 outs. Suso Madrid, 3 outs plus 3×100,140. POTM – Suso Madrid – Dolling

El Capitan  v  C.K.Ladybirds

The Ladybirds faced last terms runners up in their seasons opener and managed 2 legs but a respectable number of decent scores. Sue Christie 95, D11, in the triples and Dons Ralph 95, D7 via the singles, were the “Birds” victors, there will be easier games for them in the coming weeks.

Richie McSweeney gave a good account of himself with 3 tons and 2 outs. Similarly, Vycka Bobinas, contributing 2 tons, 134, D8, D14. Chris Logan a bucketful of 80+’s, 100, 123, but losing his singles to Ralph. Olly Walker showed the Caps how to do it with, 85,95, 100,125,138 and a tasty 130 out on the bull. POTM – Walker, Christie.

Pint Depot Queens  v  Freakie Taverners.

A comfortable 2-4 half time lead for Freakies, possibly flattered the visitors, Depot edging in the scoring department. Marie Cummins 131, D4 and Jeanette Crooks D9 highlighted for Depot, Debbie de Grys D2, Trevor Morris D1, John Bowden D19, and Ernie WillisD18 for Freakies.

Cummins added a D10 to earn POTM, Debbie Wright D2, Depot’s 4th leg. Noel Kenny D2 guaranteed a point for the visitors, Mitch Halliday 99,81,95,D9 the match. Skipper Sharon Frain D8 wrapping up the game. POTM – Halliday.

Mind the Gap  v  Leeson St Trotters

League champions Gap opened their account with an emphatic victory, using just 7 legs to gain both points. Amanda Skinner was the lone Trotters victor, taking out a very worthy victim, Carlos Escansiano on D8, plus a ton. Darren Sanderson was in fine form, recording 97, 3×100, 116, 2×140 plus 3 winning doubles. James Brown was a little quite prior to the singles and then took it out on poor old Mike Fellows, recording 100,100,100,114,55, D16 in one for a quality 16 darter.  POTM – Brown, Skinner.

Tipsy Toad Toppers  v  Angels Delight.

At 11-0 to the hosts, a whitewash was on the cards for the delightful Angels. Step up Nikki Dean to find some necessary trebles, but more importantly the outer double ring, opting for D18, to earn the POTM award, opponent Phil de Lacy also deserving his POTM, but for earlier exploits. Hugh Galloway 81, 140 excelled in the triples and enjoyed a useful 74 out in the pairs with Andy Rutter 100. Two more decent outs came via de Lacy’s 98 and Rutter’s 78.  With all available personnel, Toppers could well prove a handful for one or two of the favourites.