The first sea turtle – Caretta caretta – has been born in an incubator of the Oceanogràfic,  from the only nest registered in Spain in 2022.

Of 31 eggs transferred to the aquarium facilities from the Guardamar del Segura beach, only two proved to be fertile, with one surviving.

The turtle, weighing 13 grams, will be part of the ‘head-starting’ programme for growth and re-introduction to the sea of ​​the Fundación Oceanogràfic and the Department of the Environment.

Camp on Saler beach, Guardamar del Segura.

The Ministry, with the aid of Xaloc and participation of the University of Valencia, has set up camp on Saler beach, where the Guardamar del Segura nest was relocated, for the final phase of the process of incubation. During September more turtles will be born on the beach.