Orihuela’s Councillor for Health, Luis Quesada, together with the president of AFA Miguel Hernández (Association of Relatives of patients with Alzheimer’s and other Dementias), Manuel Valero, presented details this week of the 1st Conference on Alzheimer’s that will be held on September 21, coinciding with World Alzheimer’s Day, at the María Moliner Municipal Library in the city.

Quesada stated that the objective of these sessions is to raise awareness among the population about this disease and the work done by associations such as AFA, “we are what we are thanks to our memories. Alzheimer’s is a dramatic disease both for those who suffer from it and for their families, which is why groups such as AFA deserve all the support to continue advancing in treatment research.

The conference, organised by the Department of Health together with AFA, will begin on September 21 at 5:00 p.m. with the screening of the short film “Emilia”, by Cristina Guillén. Next, two conferences will be given by the psychologist Enrique Ruiz entitled “Alzheimer’s symptoms: the figure of the caregiver” and “Dynamics to delay the progression of the disease”, by Ángel Ruiz, occupational therapist. Likewise, this same day, at 12:00 noon, a manifesto will be read in the Plaza de Europa.

Manuel Valero, president of AFA, thanked the council for launching this initiative “because it is important to remember this day and the work we do every day to make the population aware of this disease.”