Carolina Gracia has announced that she wants to meet with interested parties in an effort to reach a mutual agreement that will help to “stop the Cala Mosca construction project”, the construction of 2,200 homes, and which “conserves the last kilometre of virgin land on our coast, in support of the administrative process that has been ongoing since 2007”.

This group would be made up of political groups with municipal representation, the construction company and the Generalitat, through the General Directorate of the Natural Environment and Environmental Assessment and the General Directorate for Urbanism.

However, those interested sources have said that “there has been no official communication”, so they are avoiding any evaluation of the proposal for the time being.

According to the mayor, we need to discuss “elements such as the common good, respect for our natural environment and, of course, the rights of all parties involved”.

She said that the initiative is based on and part of the proposal presented by Cambiemos in March 2021 through a motion in the municipal plenary session. “We are aware that, perhaps there are many people who, when this decision is communicated, think that this is not going to be of any use”, she stressed, but “what is of no use is being silent”, because now is “the time to engage and not leave everything in the hands of impassive administrators”.

García added that there are “clear social and environmental reasons why there should be a political rejection of the project.”