Spain could be hit by a tropical cyclone during September 7-9, according to and the National Hurricane Centre of the USA.

The last time Spain – and Portugal – was hit by a tropical cyclone was when ‘Cyclone Ophelia’ arrived in October 2017.

The forecast alert comes amid an active hurricane season expected in the Atlantic – underlined that at present uncertainty surrounds Mediterranean areas.

A front is forming and moving towards the north-east, then towards the east, with the speed of the front set to increase in intensity.

The system is therefore about to be categorised as a storm – which could hit Spain.

A tropical cyclone is a storm system, a low pressure that gains energy from heat released by moist air that rises and condenses.

Hurricane expert, physicist and meterologist, Juan Jesus Gonzalez Aleman, said: “Certain parts of Spain will experience a tropical cyclone next week.

“We know from computer and radar images that strong storms are about to form.  The circulation centres give us clear indications.”