Murcia great-grandmother Joan: Never tasted Paella.
Murcia great-grandmother Joan: Never tasted Paella.

Murcia based great-grandmother Joan Richmond-Woodhouse, 91, who puts down eating pies to keep her fit and young looking revealed that she has never tasted Spain’s National dish, Paella.

“I’ve never had Spain’s National dish, Paella. Never touched it,” confessed mother of six sons Joan.

Forever young Joan, whose eldest son is 70-plus, said: “I don’t know why I have not had Paella, but that’s kind of weird, now that I have been living in Spain for 20 years.”

Joan, whose good looks have landed her a filming contract with Nivea, who has included pies in her diet since her schooldays, said: “I will try some Paella.”

Costa Calida based Joan, born in Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, reasoned: “It’s the same with people eating and going out for a Chinese takeaway, or dining in a restaurant.

“Why change? Eating pies has kept me fit and well. It’s the same with drinking, I’ve never been a drinker.”

Joan, who retired to Spain with her late husband 20 years ago said, said: “We didn’t drink to socialise when we came to Spain, and kept a small group of friends who we played golf with, Dutch and Germans.

“People drink wine in Spain just like water – many drink too much, and that probably ages them.”

Joan, who quit smoking in her 50s, added: “I like the odd Bailey’s – it’s nice but fattening. So I stick to just having one!.”

Joan, who has been chatted up by younger men for decades, said: “I remember in years gone by when visiting Benidorm and getting chatted up by younger men – Benidorm was a good laugh.”

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Caption: Murcia great-grandmother Joan: Never tasted Paella.