Westringia Fruticosa or Australian Rosemary is a excellent garden choice as its an easy growing shrub in any soil type that’s neat in appearance.

From the mint family, the name ‘Rosemary’ refers only to the appearance of the plant, as the leaves do not have the familiar aroma, however, you may notice a light scent.

A very versatile plant for coverage in the garden, whether that be a wall or the ground as it will hang down, grow up and cover large areas, depending on the situation.

Pests and diseases never seem to trouble this species with growth naturally stiff and bushy that can reach at least 2m high and 5m across.

Garden Felix
Garden Felix

Foliage is a dark even green, with a covering of short hairs on the young tip growth and leaf undersides, which gives it a silvery tint, adding to its attractiveness.

The leaves are up to 2cm long, narrow and pointed that are set closely in whorls around the stem.

Flowers are approximately 2cm across, set round the stems in the axils of the leaves. Their shape also resembles other flowers of the mint family.

Colours range from white to the palest mauve, with reddish and yellow brown spots near the throat.

The shrub is never smothered in flowers, but seen most months of the year, except in extreme heat or cold.

After reaching a mature size it does not deteriorate with age, as some species tend to, but maintains a good condition for years.

During the colder weather it keeps a fresh appearance and is also drought hardy, though adequate water should be given to avoid yellowing of the leaves and bare wood.

They make excellent cut flowers as their stiff straight sprays are very attractive, especially where a large arrangement is wanted, as quite long sprays live well in water and continue to open their buds for weeks.