What a fantastic last race day of the SAMM spring season 2022, full of incidents and excitement.

Because the conditions were favorable all but one of the boats were sailed single handed even though the normal crew is two or more people.

Race one was delayed by 15 minutes, due to competitors not being ready and a late arrival. Five boats were planning to compete, Shoestring Group dinghies Uno, Dos and Cuatro plus Balaton Group day boats Ginetta and Sirocco.

In the light easterly breeze of only 3.5 knots, four of the boats just made it to the line on the start but Sirocco was disqualified for using their engine after the 5 minute signal, which is not allowed by the rules. The light winds made the going a bit slow, however all managed four or five laps.

Race 2 started 15 minutes after the end of race one and this time all five boats competed. The wind had increased a little to east 4 to 5 knots and provided a much more satisfying race, with stiff competition among four of the boats to complete five or six laps. Unfortunately Sirocco made heavy weather of it, only completing three laps and just avoided being lapped by Ginetta.

With such a mixed fleet it is difficulty to appreciate just how close the racing is during the race and it only becomes apparent once the handicaps are applied. So it was great to discover that the last race day of the spring season provided the closest racing for some time. In race 1 Ginetta and Cuatro tied for second place and in race 2 Ginetta took second place by one second pushing Uno into third.

A brilliant end to the seasons races.

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Photo, the Shoestring dinghies just after the start