Percy’s Ramblings

The Arcade:

It’s been a long time since I have been in an arcade, the type where there are colourful machines lined up in rows, flashing equally colourful lighting, encouraging one to play. To do so, there is a slot to put a coin in, with very little chance of being any better off when the rubbishy prize drops into an opening with the following feeling; ‘was it worth it’ but then again it was a little bit of excitement.

We have one of those machines in the living room showing flashing repeating colourful lights, it is called a television.

Like the machines in the arcade it is a continuous repeat of what has gone before many times over and if we want to see something a little more serious then the numbers on a credit card come in useful to obtain a programme that may be somewhat different, which if you are lucky, will be poles apart and away from cooking, gardening, Countryfile, or a long running soap type of unreal drama. Whoever thought up the name of ‘Pointless’ got it just right – we won’t mention football. Of course, if one gets desperate there is always ‘The Chase’ to watch.


Hickory dickory dock, the mouse ran up the clock, the clock struck one and down he ran – obviously he did not like the noise. Living with a disturbance of any kind is not pleasant and before making the decision to move into a new environment, then surely it is important to take events like this into account. For instance, having coffee sitting in the sun in the plaza, thinking how pleasant and rural it all is as the very old church bells do what they have been doing for hundreds of years and start to mark the period of time.

In that situation it is the occasion to question whether you could live with  the repetitive chiming,  it is too late when you have settled in or close to the village, as it would appear some people have done in the Hondon Valley, as they have been complaining about the noise from the historic bells.

We live just about a mile from the community and on a calm day we can hear the bells clearly, but then again isn’t that what they were originally erected for, to inform the men toiling in the fields how time was passing, or to call the congregation to mass.

We also hear of people complaining about farmers going about their daily chores, whether it be spreading weed killer, ploughing the fields or some other necessary work to ensure a healthy  produce. They have been there a long time and I do not see any reason why the local population should change their ways for people that moved into their environment.


On the Spanish N332 website, which in itself is useful in keeping up to date, not only with road news but also with real time policy, we are told by the site that the government is considering banning bonfires. It is a factual report without any reasoning behind it but, only guessing, it is probably something to do with global warming.

It is one of those situations of ‘beware of what you wish for’.  With the  real and  constant problem of how to deal with the mountain of daily rubbish being produced by a throwaway society, why add to it by banning the burning of tree cuttings and other waste from the fields, especially come the autumn when the vines and other growth needs to be cut back.

The vision will be lines of lorries going from field to field loading this tangled green waste to be transported somewhere – but where? Probably to a furnace or somewhere to burn it.

Are the banning of log and pellet fires next to be prohibited?

Naming It!

Forming a trading company is exciting in itself, putting a name to it so that it will help to promote the products being sold needs a lot of thought. Even then there is no guarantee the name will work and changing circumstances can go against you. ‘Aids’ comes to mind.

It was a famous product in the slimming world to aid in the loss of weight. I would think the directors of the company must have been very disillusioned, if not suicidal, when the very word they used to promote their wares became the name for a dreadful illness ‘HIV AIDS’ a virus transmitted by body fluids or contact.

I know not what happened to the company selling slimming products; it certainly could not continue with the trade name, and probably had to slim down…

A rainbow in itself is nothing but a play on lights reflecting water acting as a prism. It has no body and certainly no pot of gold at its end. In fact, calling anything by the name Rainbow would indicate it is colourful without body.

There is another use of the word in losing a ‘furry friend’, which in itself is very sad and upsetting especially when it is said ‘they have gone over  rainbow bridge’ which as we all know leads to nowhere.

There are many companies that use the rainbow as an image including the LGBTQ gay community, does that mean they have no substance and are going nowhere? Take care.