The Mojácar summer school is already in full swing, opening its doors in July and until the end of August, and welcoming pupils who during their parents’ working day can enjoy numerous activities.

The summer school is a service offered by Mojácar Council together with the Almería Provincial Council so that parents can balance work and family life. It is a highly in-demand service given that as Mojácar is a tourist municipality, it is precisely the summer season when many parents take the opportunity to work.

At the same time, it offers the youngest a fun summer, interacting with other children and doing recreational and educational activities.

The school is open from 8am to 2pm. This month of July, 90 pupils have already joined the initiative.

Parents who want to include their children in this activity are still in time to sign up their children for August.

For this summer 2022, Mojácar Council has through its Education Department, is running a special project which has been very well received by parents and pupils.

Throughout the two months they are going to work on thematic weeks, in which the children will interact playing, learning and finding out about current issues, adapted to their age and their concerns.

As well as supporting working parents, the objectives for the youngsters remain the same: to offer free time alternatives in the summer period, to foster and promote compatible activities which entail educational development, and to instil healthy values with coexistence.

Culture Councillor Raquel Belmonte, Concejal de Cultura, has underlined the “happiness and excitement with which the pupils always start this new summer adventure.”

This year in the summer school, seven monitors are in charge of the activities. The school loses a little of the seriousness of the term and the classrooms turn into workshops, rooms for music, painting and for an exchange of ideas, which are complemented by breaks in which the playground becomes water parties.