• ‘New rapid consultation point (CRR) at Torrevieja hospital Emergencies Department reduces waiting times’

The new rapid consultation point (CRR) in the emergencies department at Torrevieja Hospital, inaugurated in late June, has reduced waiting times for less serious conditions by over two hours.

The response from the public following the announcement by the hospital has been both critical and praiseworthy.

“I was there in late June and had to wait 9 Hours for an X-Ray on my nose,” said Isobel Brown from Torrevieja.

Alicante based Chi Spain said: “I think they need a miracle in Torrevieja Hospital these days, not a new unit!

“It’s shameful the way they are treating people, or not treating people!”.

Pilar de la Horadada based Jim Rankin said: “It’s gone from being one of the top 10 hospitals in Europe, to what it is now in less than two years. Disgraceful.”

Lesley Harris-Alford said: “Friends had to wait 18 hours before seeing a doctor, with a bleed on the brain. They were triaged. Disgraceful!”.

Fo Peter said: “I had to wait there 20 hours with a broken leg, in June.”

The public response comes after Alex S. Sosa, Head of the Emergency Service of the University Hospital of Torrevieja, said: “Many of the patients we serve in the rapid consultation could be treated at the Department’s Continuous Care Points, and the health centres.

“They have high-resolution procedures, capable of meeting the demand for care with total agility, being highly beneficial for these patients and for the rest of the patients who come to the Emergency Service with more serious injuries.”

On the flipside of the criticism, many complimentary comments were made, with Pauline Thurlow from San Miguel saying: “I think they do well – thanks team. A marvellous team in Torrevieja Hospital, where I have always been treated with great care.”

Lyn Fryer from Rojales: Torrevieja Hospital saved husband's life.
Lyn Fryer from Rojales: Torrevieja Hospital saved husband’s life.

A comment echoed by Rojales based Lyn Fryer: “They saved my husband’s life and the surgery I received for a very badly broken leg and ankle was marvellous.

“We have had and still have a serious pandemic, and my sister in Cornwall reports to me that her treatment has been absolutely diabolical.

“She also caught Covid in the hospital there.”

Marilyn Pulley from Rojales said: “I have been a patient in Torrevieja Hospital this July and I must say I have had the best treatment from very dedicated staff. No criticism from me.”

The new rapid consultation point (CRR) in the Emergencies department at Torrevieja Hospital seeing reduced waiting times comes amid major criticism pointed at Torrevieja Hospital A&E.