Amusement parks, green areas, security and accommodation are just some of the criteria used by the travel portal ‘Bounce’ to prepare this report.

A report published last week says that Spain is one of the most popular holiday destinations to travel with children as the climate, the geographical and cultural diversity make it a unique destination. In addition, within Spain, Alicante is the bets valued city for families to travel to with children, followed by Benidorm.

Among the information gathered to determine the listing, attractions for children, the number of natural areas and parks per 100,000 inhabitants, the average annual temperature, the safety index and the average price of hotels, were at the top of the list.

The portal highlights Alicante for its “sunny climate, warm beaches and small-town atmosphere” and its proximity to Valencia for excursions. It also states that it has nine natural areas and parks for every 100,000 inhabitants along with its “beautiful” beaches. In addition, the safety index is high (72.6 out of 100), only behind cities such as Santiago de Compostela, Benidorm, Valencia and Malaga. That is why it qualifies as “one of the safest cities in Spain for family holidays”.

The report also states that the average price of a double room in a hotel, per night, is 109 dollars.

When considering Benidorm it highlights the Old Town, its beaches and its large number of green areas (22 for every 100,000 inhabitants), rating its security index at 77.87.

Complete list of the best Spanish cities to travel with children

  1. Alicante: 6.94 points
  2. Benidorm: 6.84 points
  3. Valencia: 6.73 points
  4. Malaga: 6.43 points
  5. Granada: 6.12 points
  6. Palma de Mallorca: 5.31 points
  7. Madrid: 5.20 points
  8. Barcelona: 5 points
  9. Santiago de Compostela: 4.80 points
  10. Toledo : 4.69 points

In addition to analysing the Spanish destinations for traveling to with children, it also carried out a global study with Budapest (Hungary) chosen as the best country to visit (7.39 points), followed by Paris (6.90), Berlin (6.80), Vienna (6.60), Amsterdam (6.55), Rome (6.06), Helsinki (5.52), Venice (5 .52), Milan (5.42) and Florence (5.37).