The Mayor of Santa Pola, Loreto Serrano, and the Councillor for Gran Alacant, Oscar Valenzuela, held a meeting this week with those responsible for the Correos postal service, Jesús Salinas and Rosario Medina, heads of the distribution sector in Alicante, in addition to the administrators of the area of Gran Alacant.

At the meeting, the council asked the company to implement measures so that there are no problems in the distribution of letters, and the extension of the hours of the Gran Alacant Post Office was requested, especially the extension to some afternoon and on Saturday mornings, since it is a neighbourhood demand, confirmed the councillor of Gran Alacant.

The Mayor informed those responsible for the Post Office that the works requested in the office that the company has in Gran Alacant, and which is owned by the council, is about to be completed, so that they can prepare the transfer.

From the Consistory they confirm that expansion works have been carried out on the ground floor, with a new counter, bathrooms and accessible ramp, as well as relocation in the external trees to improve shade.


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