Japanese Pittosporum is a useful ornamental plant, that grows in sun or shade, but will thrive when planted in an easterly position in any type of soil.

Their thick foliage makes the plant an excellent screen, en mass in borders or containers, but it can also be an interesting single or multi-stemmed stand alone tree.

Moderate-to-slow growing bushes, with whorled attractive leaves that can be in either glossy green or variegated white and if left alone at maturity can grow up to 12 feet high with an 18 foot spread.

The plant produces fragrant, creamy white flowers at the ends of the stems, set in clusters that also produce small fruits with bright red seeds.

Pittosporum is an excellent plant for coastal dwellers, as it’s salt tolerant and drought resistant, but most beautiful, when receiving regular watering.

Water at the root, to prevent leaf disease, and fertilise in the spring with an all purpose, slow release plant food.

To encourage blooms, prune straight after flowering. Propagation is through semi-hardwood cuttings, taken in the summer, keeping the pot lightly moist.

Trimming helps shape the plant, keeping them to the desired size.  Severely cutting back will help rejuvenate the plant. Remove lower branches, if you wish to have a small tree appearance.

Garden Felix
Garden Felix