The Civil Guard has saved the life of a newborn baby in San Isidro who had been abandoned by his mother on the side of a road, shortly after giving birth in an abandoned property.

The mother, a 37-year-old Swiss citizen and drug addict, has been arrested by the Civil Guard and after appearing in court in Orihuela she remains in prison charged with a crime of abandoning a minor.

Arrested for abandoning her newborn son in San Isidro

The events occurred on Saturday at around three in the afternoon. The driver of a passing lorry notified the Civil Guard that he had seen a woman walking with her legs stained with blood and carrying a bundle of blankets in her arms. The man told the police that he was convinced that within the blankets he had seen the tiny limb of what seemed to be a baby.

An Almoradí patrol quickly arrived at the scene, a vacant lot next to an industrial estate in San Isidro. The civil guards found the woman described by the trucker. She seemed to be fine although she categorically denied the story provided by the witness, in addition to refusing to be assisted by the health team that also attended the scene.

Despite the statements, the agents found contradictions in the woman’s statements and moved with her to a ruined house where she had spent the night.

After inspecting the area, about a hundred metres from the semi-ruined house, the patrol found some rolled-up blankets on the ground behind some drums at the side of a dirt road.

Upon unrolling the bundle, the guards found the newborn baby, who still had  his umbilical cord. Initially they thought he was dead, but after applying pressure to his chest the baby responded, so they called back the ambulance, which had left after the mother’s refusal of treatment..

The baby was immediately transferred to the Vega Baja Regional Hospital in Orihuela , where he was admitted to the Neonatal Unit.

According to the Alicante Command, the perseverance of the witness and the Civil Guard officers saved the life of this little boy, whom the hospital nurses baptized as Noa . At the moment, the child is still hospitalised, although his general health is good.