After many cancellations due to the terrible March weather, or World Championships and Dragon Boat racing at CTD and finally the Race Officer contracting Covid, success today May 8th, SAMM at last managed to start their Spring racing season. The races went well except for a couple of minor incidents.

The format was Average Lap racing and for the 14 competitors on 8 boats the Race Officer set a sausage style course, going north through start line to top buoy leaving it on the port side then back to the start line starboard buoy also leaving that to port.

Race 1. Start 11:30. Wind at start 3.5 knots.

A nice clean start tacking to the buoy then returning, some confusion going through the line but Martin on the safety boat sorted them. Great tight racing and plenty of overtaking as the breeze picked up to 6.6 knots and changed direction. On the finish line Ginnetta picked up the starboard buoy and took it with them, Martin recovered it and put it back so that Scirocco could also do it (they like those buoys).

Sirocco flying

Results were first Sirocco (Julian Pering), second Shoestring Dos (Diane Hardwick/Brian Murray), third Shoestring Omega (John Down).

Race 2. Start 12:55. Wind 6.5 knots then to 8 then to 9.5 so the water started to get lumpy towards the end.

A good start by most and plenty of action during the race, a few penalties taken for touching boats to hitting buoys etc. but a good friendly race and great spirits at the end.

Results were first Shoestring Dos (Diane Hardwick/Brian Murray), second Laser Standard (Tug Wilson), third Shoestring Omega (John Down).

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