Why transitions are so popular

TikTok gives a limited time for the video content you share. This makes you find the best ways to make your video as short as possible and still effectively share the message you wanted. Happily, there is an option to cut and trim videos, eliminating unnecessary pauses with Vjump, follow the link VJump.com to explore. After that, you need to connect all small pieces together and the most attractive way to do it is to use transitions. They help to make a smooth and creative connection and increase the level of your content quality.

How to add transitions to your video

Have you ever wondered how other users make such smooth connections in their videos? It’s time to find out how to do the same in your content. There are lots of transitions built inside the app, and you can easily choose one of them. Step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  • Find the app and open it on your gadget
  • Tap the red big circle to start recording
  • Choose the length of your video
  • When the first part is over, select the small circle with a mark
  • Go to the effects library
  • Select the transition category
  • Go pick the spot where you want to apply the transition
  • Click on the transition name you want to use
  • Play the video to be sure you like the result
  • Change what is needed and save
  • You can share immediately or do it later

You can also use your imagination and try to create your own transitions such as finger snap, perspective, or anything that will come to your mind. Just pause the video and continue by recording the next part.

If you think it’s too hard and takes much time

It can truly be so. Making relevant content is not a fast thing and if you decide to share your content really often, you need some help. Happily, there are additional apps that can save you. The Vjump app is one of them. What does this app offers:

  1. story scenarios
  2. library of stories with wow transitions
  3. completing video using your materials
  4. free revisions
  5. fast work

It is really helpful if you want to become a successful TikToker and save your time at the same time.