The Local Police of Santa Pola, as part of the process of modernising the service, have been provided with new computer terminals that the officers will carry and that will allow them, in real time, to have direct access to the main databases of vehicles, people and other queries essential for carrying out their functions, which will streamline police management and the operation and management of incidents resolved by agents on a daily basis.

Through these special terminals, the agents will have a direct connection with important databases that will speed up and provide them with greater operability in police interventions.

These new tools will include tablets in police vehicles, as well as mobile terminals and mobile thermal printers that the agents themselves will carry and that will allow traditional complaint bulletins to be eliminated, imposing sanctions in a computerised way.

To this end, an agreement has been reached with SUMA tax administration, which will also allow immediate and immediate payment of penalties (especially for foreign users), as simply as by using your mobile phone.

According to the Councillor for Police Ana Blasco, “the modernisation and technological update in the Local Police was fundamental, both to improve the protocols and with it the police actions, and to guarantee a better service for the citizens”.

From the government team “we have a firm commitment, not only to expand the technical and security means such as vehicles, bulletproof vests, etc… but to continue investing in technology that allows the citizen to have a closer relationship with the local police and with it an increase in citizen security.