Sometimes we wish we were Darts-R-Us or Cards-R-Us rather than Carp-R-Us so we could pursue a pastime indoors instead of in the wet! Today the club held a match on the Rio Segura at Bigastro.

It was predicted to rain almost all day, so it was fortunate we were able to hold the draw and set up before the heavens opened. Equally fortunate was that the rain stopped again for the weigh-in. That was where the good fortune ended, the fishing was very poor, possibly due to the fact that the river had risen over the last couple of days.

What definitely did not help was the reported pollution that had occurred upstream, and a number of dead or distressed fish were seen during the match. Very sad,

The match was won by Roy Dainty with 1.93kg caught on the pole using corn, second was Steve Fell with 1.25kg caught on pole with bread. Finally, third was Tony Flett with 0.20kg using pole and maggot. Oh well, it has got to stop raining soon, hasn´t it?

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