Ladies Pairs Championship – Venue – C.C.’s, La Zenia.

Freakie Taverners,’ Sharon Frain and Mitch Halliday are the new O.W.S. Ladies Pairs Champions, taking the title at the superb C.C.’s darts venue. The Freakie pair not only won, but did it in style, by winning all their “Round Robin” qualification games, their semi final and final, without dropping a leg. Some feat, impossible to better and difficult to emulate.

The Champions opponents in the final, the very capable duo of Pat Schofield and Lisa lvill, two of the infamous Tiaras from Tipsy Toad. Frain and Halliday dovetailed well throughout, both contributing scores and doubles, as did the Tiaras until the best of 5 final. Fair to say, the Freakie ones would have beaten most opposition, initially by taking the bull for first throw.

A lone 80+ from lvill was countered by a 133 from Frain, followed by an 87 out ( S7, T20, D10 ) 1-0. Both Schofield and lvill played well in the 2nd without finding enough trebles, taking advantage of the Tiaras shortcomings, Frain hit 83,123, Halliday an 86 out, on T18,D11, for 2-0. lvill dug deep in the 3rd for 83,95, cancelled out by similar scores from Frain, leaving Halliday to take out D7 for the glory and title.

The Tiaras route to the final included a fine 2-0 victory in the semi over Danny’s 2 Karens, Collins 85,86,88 and Raffell 88, Schofield finding both doubles. Earlier encounters included wins over Simone de Lacy and Elizabeth Cowan, the 2 “Karens”, Cheryl McGlynn and Sue Spiers, plus Stephanie Broadfoot and Christine Hutchinson.

Spiers and McGlynn made their way to the semi’s with 3 “Round Robin” wins, but found the champions elect a bridge too far, losing 2-0. No shame however, as everyone failed to take a leg from the champs.

Top Scores

Simone de Lacy, Tipsy Toad Tiaras, 137, 133, 121, Sharon Frain, Freakie Taverners, 133, 123, 113, Jean Randall 121, Stephanie Broadfoot, Angels Delights, 111, Pat Schofield, Tipsy Toad Tiaras, 105, Cheryl McGlynn, Hub Hellraisers, 102, Jane Wills Dannys, 100. Assorted eighty five, 80+ scores.

Qualifying Round Robin Table

Halliday / Frain, Freakie Taverners, 6 wins

Schofield / lvill, Tipsy Toad Toppers – 4 wins

Collins / Raffell, Danny’s Bar – 3 wins

McGlynn / Spiers, Hub Hellraisers – 3 wins

Wills / Randall, Danny’s Bar – 2 wins

Cowan / de Lacy, Tipsy Toad Toppers – 2 wins

Broadfoot / Hutchinson, Angels Delight – 1 win

Game shot – Sharpshooters

Halliday      8

Schofield    6

Frain          3

Spiers        2

Randall      2