Santa Pola town hall has been granted permission from the Generalitat Valenciana to undertake the improvement and accessibility works to the viewpoint of the Santa Pola lighthouse, Mirador del Faro.

The Councillor for Tourism, Julio Baeza, indicates that “in the coming weeks we are going to award the contract for the accessibility work at the lighthouse viewpoint. A walkway will be placed over the rocks along the entire section to the viewpoint, to facilitate the passage of all visitors and with special attention to people with reduced mobility.

The Santa Pola Lighthouse Viewpoint is a point of special interest for Santapoleros and visitors and “needed an adaptation of the accesses”. The work will be undertaken in a few weeks, so the accessible walkway may be available before the summer.

The Lighthouse viewpoint was inaugurated in 2015 and has a 70-metre metal walkway over the Mediterranean and is located next to the Santa Pola lighthouse, which has been in operation since 1858.