• Benjamín in Vega Baja Cup – Alevin A miss out

By Andrew Atkinson

Racing San Miguel CF Alevin A missed out on the Vega Baja Cup that took place during April following a decision by the Racing San Miguel CF board.

A statement on the club’s website said:

‘We want to apologise to the parents and players of our Alevín A, who did not play in the Vega Baja Cup.

The organisation invited us to take part by having a free place, and the board accepted the proposal willingly.

However, with the Championship calendar prepared and the Sanmiguele players ready to travel, we were informed that it had been decided to allocate our place to a superior category affiliate team.

We understand that there are teams that provide a better image to a tournament than Racing San Miguel, but we cannot fail to show our dismay with a situation that affects the hopes of our young footballers.

We believe in football as a way of having fun and providing an opportunity to learn, and it is hard for us to assume that the lesson that our youngsters are going to learn in this Vega Baja Cup 2022 is so questionable.

On the other hand, the Racing San Miguel CF board decided to keep Benjamín in the competition, assessing the damage that the withdrawal could mean for our little ones.

We will go with everything and enjoy the great party that football should be.

Once again, we reiterate our apologies to the relatives and, above all, to the players of our Alevín A.

We will continue working so that our youngsters have opportunities that match their dreams.’