The motion of censure in Orihuela signed by Ciudadanos with the PSOE and Cambiemos-Unides Podem, which could see the removal of the Orihuela mayor, Emilio Bascuñana from office, has claimed it’s first victim.

Jesús Gimeno, the regional head of Institutional Action within Ciudadanos has resigned, the reason given being the delay on the part of the national leadership of the C’s in taking disciplinary measures against the five wayward councillors, who were expressly told that their action in forming a coalition with PSOE and Unides Podem did not have the support of the orange leadership and, it was not endorsed by either Valencia or Madrid.

Although he has resigned from provincial politics, Gimeno remains a councilor in the Valencian town of Moncada and as a provincial representative in the Diputación de València.

When approached by the Spanish press he refused to comment on the reasons for his resignation. “I appreciate the call, but I’m not going to say anything,” he said.

It has been confirmed by a national spokesman that Ciudadanos has opened an informative file in it’s five Orihuela councilors which could lead to the expulsion of José Aix, Luisa Boné, Mar Ezcurra, Ángel Noguera and Antonio Sánchez. This was said to be the intention of some party bodies at the after it was confirmed that they had skipped several red lines, including authorisation for any agreement with Podemos.

Provincial coordinator, Javier Gutiérrez, said, “No way are we going to allow anyone from the party, either in Orihuela, or elsewhere, to skip the red lines, including agreements with populists or nationalists”.

However, more than a week has passed since the signing of the motion of censure at the notary’s office without the national leadership, led by Inés Arrimadas, having made any decision in this regard.

The lack of measures by the national leadership of Cs has created a lot of discomfort among some members in both the provincial and regional executive. This is the case with Gimeno, who has now resigned as a result.


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