Three lodges of the Royal Anti-Deluvian Order of Buffalos have joined together in recent weeks, two from Sacko’s Bar in El Limonar and one from Dilley’s Bar in La Siesta, to raise much needed  supplies to send to Ukraine.

In total around €3,000.00 was raised and equipment, including First Aid kits, sanitary supplies, walking aids, wheelchair, crutches, and various other items, were all purchased with a generous 35% discount, at the local Benijofar Pharmacy, who members of the RAOB lodges say have been fabulous with their help in procuring the equipment.

Citizens of Benijofar have also been involved with their own collection of supplies which are due to be packaged and sent on trucks to Ukraine next week with patrons of Bar Los Pinos being one of the main contributors from the town.

RAOB meet weekly Wednesday (Washington Lodge 2pm at Dilly’s, Friday Phillip Scot Lodge at 7pm Sacko’s, Sunday Patience Lodge at 1030am).

Fraternity and benevolence. Non profit.

Caption: Councillor for Social Services in Benijofar, Pilar Yagües, wearing mask, along with members of the three RAOB lodges and their donation