Ukraine mother and young son refugees in San Luis after escaping from war with Russia

Ukraine refugees Olga and son Wowa with Lisa in San Luis (C).
Ukraine refugees Olga and son Wowa with Lisa in San Luis (C).

By Andrew Atkinson EXCLUSIVE

Ukrainian refugee Olga Baranova is safe in San Luis after travelling for eight days to leave her homeland – amid the country being attacked by Russian troops.

“I arrived in Spain with no money in my purse – and with just the pants and shoes I wore,” Olga exclusively told The Leader.

Olga, whose parents remain in the Ukraine and are under attack from Russian bombing raids, said: “My parents are in Mykolaiv where there is active war – very, very active.

“They say they are okay. My mother tells me not to worry, and that everything is okay when I speak to her – buy I can hear the bombs falling.”

Olga arrived in Spain with her son Vova, 11, having travelled through Moldova, Romania, Italy, Venice, and Monaco, amongst others countries.

Olga, who travelled with her sister and two children, aged three and seven, who are in Torrevieja, said: “It was very difficult all of us travelling, with the children in the back of a car.”

Olga is in San Luis, thanks to Lisa Briggs, who has welcomed her and her child to stay at her home.

Since arriving Lisa has received an overwhelming response with help from the community.

“Olga and her son are staying with me,” said Lisa, who appealed for clothes and shoe donations.

“Thank you very much to everyone. It’s nice that people care enough to help. It means so much to them,” said Lisa.

“The general public have been absolutely amazing. We’ve had money, food, shoes and clothes for my refugees.

“Olga and her son Vova are so grateful for mine and everyone else’s help,” said Lisa.

“Hopefully I will get a job here in Spain. I need work, to help myself and my son survive,” added Olga.

*Part 2 of Olga Baranova and son Vova’s journey from war-torn Ukraine to Spain continues next week.

Caption: Ukraine refugees Olga and son Vova with Lisa in San Luis (C).