The Camp Municipal ‘Carraixet’ in Tavernes Blanques, Valencia, will stage the first phase of the National Championship for Regional Teams Valenta sub15 and sub17 football.

The FFCV plays host to Group E, made up of Castilla-La Mancha, the Balearic Islands and the Valencian Selection Valenta.

From April 1-3, the first phase will be played on the artificial turf of the ‘Carraixet’, just 7 kilometers from Valencia, with the following order of matches:

April 1: 10.15 Castilla-La Mancha sub15 vs Valencian Selection Valenta sub15; 12:15 Castilla-La Mancha sub17 vs Valencian Selection Valenta sub17.

April 2: 10:15 Balearic Islands sub15 vs Castilla-La Mancha sub15; 12:15 Balearic Islands sub17 vs Castilla-La Mancha sub17.

April 3: 10:15 Valencian Selection Valenta sub15 vs Balearic Islands sub15; 12:15 Valencian National Team Valenta sub17 vs Balearic Islands sub17.

The competition system has 17 territorial teams, divided into five groups, with the best score in this first phase to reach the second phase with more options, and thus be able to get a pass to the desired semi-finals.

“The FFCV presents its Valenta Valencian Selections sub15, directed by Alicia Moreno, and sub17, captained by Santi Triguero.

“Both teams have been preparing this first phase for months in detail, with the aim of being in the second phase with options to qualify for the semi-finals,” said a FFCV spokesperson.

Caption: FFCV Valenta Valencian Selections under 15, coached by Alicia Moreno, and under 17, captained by Santi Triguero. Photos: FFCV.