Wearing expensive shoes and ending up with a bad stink even after some time! We all have dealt with it in our lives at one point or another. But thanks to the premium shoe foot spray that comes to evade the embarrassment of fetid shoes and feet.

These shoe foot sprays work to eliminate the bad odors that are produced due to lack of air contact and sweat generation on feet trapped in the shoes. Be it heels, sneakers, trainers, or boots, feet get fusty when worn for a longer duration.

Shoe foot sprays can be the ultimate solution to get rid of the bad impression you may create with a putrid-smelling shoe. Shoe odors deodorizers come in sprays and also in powders.

Both can work well depending upon the quality of the product and may have their own disadvantages along with massive advantages as well.

Stamp Out the Malodor!

There must be someone in your friends or family who takes off his shoes and the whole room has to hold their breath! You don’t want to be that person, for sure.  shoe protector spray can assist you not to becoming that person.

A number of brands manufacture quality shoe foot sprays that work instantly eliminate or do not even let the foul odors accumulate in your feet. Physical activity, sweat, or simply the material of your shoe can promote the formation of nasty odors that make your feet, socks, and shoes all smell extremely unpleasant.

The formula of shoe foot sprays fights against the bacteria that cause such smell and neutralizes the tough odors. Feet and shoes keep smelling as fresh as daisies when these shoe foot sprays are used while wearing them.

Disinfectant Shoe Sprays:

Premium shoe foot spray only works when they disinfect the bacteria or even fungal spores that start growing in covered feet. When feet are enclosed in shoes, the moisture is retained within the shoes and thus, feet become sweaty. Moisture when accumulated in a space for some moments becomes a nourishing place for bacteria.

Bacteria work aggressively on growing and giving off displeasing odors that can be a trouble for you and others around you as well. Shoe foot sprays fight off these bacteria and does not let the bad odors amass into the shoes.

The growth of bad smell generating bacteria is inhibited by the rapid action of the premium shoe foot sprays which contain disinfecting agents. These shoe foot sprays are the ultimate solution to fight the bacteria that make your shoes stink.

Shoe Protectant Sprays

While purchasing a shoe foot spray, keep in mind which shoe material you are purchasing it for! Since not all shoe sprays work well on every material. Some work exceptionally on leather but comparably lesser on suede.

Shoe foot sprays are usually produced out of oils and chemicals which could be harmful to some shoe materials. The suitability of shoe foot sprays with your shoe is highly recommended or it might cause you to get rid of your favorite shoes, bearing a loss. While these sprays are advantageous to a significant extent, they might also cause some damage to your shoe soles.

Not all sprays work equally well on rubber, leather, mesh, canvas, and other tough athletic shoes. These sprays might damage the outer layer of shoes, vitiating the branded finishing of the valuable shoes. Some sprays contain a lot of bleaching agents, changing the color of your shoe and damaging its quality.

A few sprays might replace their shiny new appearance and give them a faded look. So, before purchasing, pay special heed to the composition of particular sprays and see if that works for your desired shoes or heels.

Protect not only the Shoes but Feet also!

Shoe odor deodorizers sound immensely impressive, giving you an all-time fresh and clean feeling.  But watch out, as some sprays might contain ingredients you might be allergic to. Yes! Many people are allergic to some chemicals used in these disinfecting shoe sprays and even to the natural oils that deodorize the foul-smelling shoes. Personal well-being is superior to anything.

Not all premium shoe foot sprays are manufactured using products one might develop an allergic reaction from, but prevention is always better than cure. This drawback does not refrain you from getting a good shoe foot spray but makes it a mandatory requirement to look carefully at the ingredients mentioned at the back of the spray before use. In case, you do not know yet if you are allergic to some chemical, you should do a patch test prior to completing the application.

Several shoe foot sprays might cause redness, itching, spots, or swelling to people who have sensitive skin. So, not all shoe foot deodorizer sprays are recommended for people with sensitive skins.