With the covid passport now withdrawn and 100% capacity restored at sporting events, the main restrictions that are still in force against covid-19 are the obligation to wear masks indoors and the quarantine of those infected.

The progressive decline in the indicators of the pandemic, although slow in the case of deaths, has opened up both debates, but the Government says that it will continue to be prudent before making a decision to relax either of these measures.

Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, said today, Monday, that the end of the mask indoors is on the Government’s agenda, but without giving and further indication, other than to say, “Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.”

He made the statement during an appearance with the Danish Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen, who is currently visiting Spain. The statement contained a certain symbolism because was the first country to revert to the new normality by ending all restrictions, including masks indoors, thanks to its high rates of third doses, although it is now facing a spike in infections that suggests they should have been more cautious.

Spain is at high levels of both primary vaccination and booster doses, but the Ministry of Health, for now, is not going to make decisions similar to those of Denmark. They will be made “when science and health professionals say so,” said Sánchez.

The situation with regard to the pandemic improves day by day, and allows us to relax many of the measures. Catalonia took a step in that direction on Monday by announcing that, starting tomorrow, it will put an end to general school quarantines and only those who test positive will have to be confined, not close contacts, although it is opposed by Health.

“The pandemic has shown us that when we are together, we are stronger. This type of agreement should be for everyone, “said Minister Carolina Darias on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the incidence in Spain continued its decline over the weekend and stood at 786.05 cases per 100,000 inhabitants within 14 days, compared to 919.48 last Friday. Health reported 48,778 new infections, 20,000 less than last Monday, and hospital pressure for covid patients continued to fall: 7.56% (7.84% on Friday) in the wards and 13.20% (13.79% on Friday ) in ICUs. Deaths also drop slightly, but remain far too high, with 464 deaths reported over the weekend.