•  ‘Mayor Eduardo Dolón excited to talk about the Swedish community in Torrevieja’

Stockholm, Swedish film producer Emil Filmby is set to shoot the final scenes in Torrevieja for the documentary: Torrevieja – Svenskarnas Paradis (Torrevieja – The Swedes Paradise).

Speaking exclusively to The Leader, Emil said: “I’ve spent the last two summers in Torrevieja filming.

“This Easter I’m going film the last piece I need to complete the filming and the film will hopefully be released in the summer this year.”

Speaking from Òrebro, Sweden, Emil, 34, said: “Torrevieja is a very international city, chosen by a lot of people from different nationalities.

“In the film I focus on the Swedish people and how they have made Torrevieja their paradise. However, I am convinced that other international groups in the city or in other parts of Spain will also be able to relate to the film.”

Mayor Eduardo Dolón: Excited to talk about Swedish community in Torrevieja.
Mayor Eduardo Dolón: Excited to talk about Swedish community in Torrevieja.

Subtitles are available in English, Spanish or Swedish, and Emil added: “In the film we meet members from the first Swedish family, who settled in Torrevieja in the 1960s.

“We also meet the entrepreneur whose real estate agency sold around 2,000 vacation homes a year during the 1980s. “Featured are also the Mayor of Torrevieja, the Swedish Consul and many other Swedes, that have found their paradise in and around the city of Torrevieja.”

Emil said a lot of times, Swedes that have decided to live in Spain get a bad reputation in the Swedish media: “One of the intentions I have making this film is to show the positive picture of reality, that most Swedes experience in Spain, in Torrevieja and in its surrounding areas.

“I hope that those who already have a connection to Torrevieja or Spain, in general, feel like this is interesting and hope the film will inspire everyone who dreams of a life in the sun.”

On his meeting with Torrevieja mayor Eduardo Dolón, Emil said: “The mayor was excited to talk about the Swedish community in Torrevieja.

“He talked about the monument/statue of Nils Gäbel, the first Swede/international citizen in Torrevieja and that the Swedes have played an important part in making Torrevieja the great tourist city it is today.”

*Torrevieja – Svenskarnas Paradis (Torrevieja -The Swedes Paradise) will Premiere this summer. Trailer at: