Spain has dispatched a warship to the Black Sea amidst growing tension between Russia and Ukraine. The warship has been sent in order to add additional support to military assets already positioned by other EU states.

Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, confirmed that the warship was on its way while the Foreign Minister, Jose Manuel Albares, said that Madrid would not rule out sending ground troups back to Ukraine if the Russian continue with their aggression.

When asked if Spain would send troups to the Ukraine in the event of a Russian invasion, Albares said:

“Spain has a very clear [position] on this. Should it prove necessary, we would act within the framework of the EU. Spain does not rule out sending its troops into the territory of Ukraine if the crisis aggravates.”

Albares added:

“Currently we are having a scenario of dialogue. Although, should it morph into a scenario of an altercation, then we would act [in a way] as to effectuate a joint response.”

Defense Minister Margarita Robles confirmed that the Blas de Lezo and Meteoro will arrive in the region within three or four days.

She said that Spain may also deploy fighter jets to Bulgaria to provide support to NATO allies who are trying to deter Russia from invading Ukraine.

She stressed that Spain prefers diplomacy to resolve the conflict between the two countries but that Russia would need to compromise.

“Russia cannot tell any country what they should do and NATO will defend any country that wants to join the alliance.”