During 2021, the Alicante Provincial Council supplied a total of fifteen sets of children’s play areas fixtures and one hundred furniture units to 33 municipalities in the province.

The environmental department has been in charge of carrying out this action, which has had an investment of 190,000 euro and which is aimed at improving leisure and recreation areas for the “enjoyment of neighbours” in the province.

“The children’s furniture has been installed in the areas indicated by the municipalities in order to complete the recreational offers of towns, under optimal safety conditions for the little ones. In the case of the furniture such as benches, these have been distributed directly to the consistories, which are the ones in charge of placing them in the different municipal spaces for public use, such as parks, gardens or promenades “, explained the deputy Miguel Ángel Sánchez.

The play area sets are made up of modular pieces of three towers with gabled roofs of different heights, connected by a suspension bridge and a tunnel. In addition, they incorporate two slides, an attached climbing net, an inclined climbing wall, interactive panels and a counter located at the bottom. This new space has capacity for 20 users aged between 1 and 8 years.

“It is solid, ecologically sustainable and low-maintenance furniture, as it is made with technical wood poles made up of 70% natural fibres and 30% recycled polymers, highly resistant to weather conditions. also, that all the material meets the safety requirements established by current regulations, having the corresponding supporting certificates, “said the deputy.

For their part, the distributed benches have characteristics that improve their durability and comfort and significantly reduce maintenance costs, without reducing aspects such as aesthetics and functionality, since they are made of 60% natural wood and 40% plastic polymers.