The last month 2021 ended with a fall in the total number of unemployed people of 76,782 in relation to the previous month. December marks a new record by accumulating ten consecutive months of decreases, the longest period in the historical series in which the total decrease in the unemployed is 902,884 people.

The total registered unemployment stands at 3,105,905 people. It is the lowest figure for a month of December since 2007 and represents 140,142 fewer unemployed people than at the beginning of the pandemic, in February 2020.

By economic sectors, registered unemployment decreased in the service sector with 64,809 people (-2.88%), in agriculture with 4,530 people (-3.02%) and among the group without previous employment, which registered 16,702 fewer people (- 6.13 %).

Construction increased by 7,505 people (3.00%) and industry by 1,754 people (0.68%).

However, all sectors present a lower level of unemployment than in the same month of the previous year.

Unemployment reduces, above all, among women with 64,225 (-3.40%) fewer unemployed in relation to the month of November. The total stands at 1,824,032.

Since February, the number of unemployed women has fallen by 480,747. There are, therefore, 72,040 fewer registered unemployed than at the start of the pandemic.

Male unemployment fell by 12,557 (-0.97%) to a total of 1,281,873 men registered in the public employment services.

Unemployment of young people under 25 years of age fell in December by 22,848 people (-9.31%) compared to the previous month.

Registered unemployment in the last month of 2021 reduced in 16 Autonomous Communities. The most important falls were registered in the Community of Madrid (-24,380), the Valencian Community (-18,242) and Andalusia (-14,607). In year-on-year terms, unemployment fell significantly in all the autonomous communities.