The Oriolana district of Torremendo has a new company interested in the construction of a photovoltaic plant in its municipality. The company Amber Solar Power Dieciseis SL, with headquarters in Madrid, has started the procedure for the installation of a 12 MWp solar power plant beyond the urban centre of ​​the district, in the direction of Bigastro, just off the CV-925 and behind Restaurante Casa Andreau.

The plant would be made up of three sectors, where the energy will be acquired, transformed and passed to the sectioning centre from where it will be passed through a medium voltage overhead line to Iberdrola’s electrical substation, ST San Miguel de Salinas.

Torremendo proposal for installation of a solar energy plant

These three parcels of land are classified as rural-class agricultural use. All of them suppose a total area of 36.12 hectares (Ha), which would cover an area of approximately 70 football fields.

Adjacent to, and even between the plots, there are houses and undeveloped sites, just a few meters from the urban are. Except for the smallest plot, 5.43 Ha, each of the other two, 12.29 Ha and 18.38 Ha, are larger than the town itself, which covers and area of about 11.90 Ha.

The project design contemplates a useful life of at least 25 years and a planned investment by the company is 6.9 million euros. As for the installation itself, the project states that 24,024 photovoltaic panels would be installed.

This project is also very close, geographically, to the one presented by the Atitlan investment fund, but very far away in terms of the size of the site, and therefore in terms of the energy generated. Through two investment companies, Itel and Bibey are processing two joint photovoltaic plants totalling 300 Ha. Itel’s would have 182.43 Ha and would generate 120 MWp with an investment of 25.3 million euros.

The Bibey plant would be installed on an area of ​​127.20 Ha and would generate 58.79 MWp through an investment of 4.2 million euros.

The companies also propose a collecting substation, Torremendo Renovables, whose investment would amount to 4.5 million euros.


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