Marketing is an important part of any business. If customers or clients don’t know what services and products you offer, it can be hard to make sales and get people to engage with your services. But how do you go about getting your marketing right? Especially in this day and age, where people from all over the globe can see your marketing online, how do you make sure that people are seeing the very best representation of your business?

The answer is by using professional marketing translation services. These marketing translation services can help make sure that your multilingual marketing outreach gives the very best view of what your business can offer to your clients and customers.

What makes marketing translation services different from regular translation services?

You might think that any translation service can offer what you need for your company’s marketing, but this is a common mistake that people make. Marketing translation is a specialist field, and there are plenty of reasons why you should use these specialist marketing translation professionals rather than getting your translations done by any other translators.

Specialist language

Marketing is a very advanced field and has a lot of specialist terminologies. It is important to find a proper marketing translation service, where the linguists will know these specialist terms and be able to accurately translate them into new languages.

While a regular translation service may know the most common words, specialist marketing translation professionals are more likely to accurately work with these terms which are specifically related to the field of marketing.

Marketing needs the right emphasis and tone

Even if a regular translation professional knows the terminology of the field, there is still another downside to using these generalized translation services. Marketing is all about giving the exact right message to your clients and customers. often in a very short amount of space.

Even if your translator can technically translate the written marketing materials you have, it will be unlikely to have the right flow or attention-grabbing ability. Marketing needs to be translated in a way that is punchy, exciting, and really speaks to your customers.

Localization of marketing

There are so many stories out there of unfortunately bad localization – from names that sound like rude words, to marketing straplines that imply completely the wrong thing about a company. There are so many little local nuances that only professional marketing translators can really pick up, and this can make or break your global marketing campaign.

You need to make sure you have a professional translator with a really good awareness of the local culture and language.

What can a professional marketing translation service translate?

A marketing translator is a highly skilled individual with specialist training that gives them the skills to properly translate all the marketing materials that you need. This can include smaller pieces like adverts, flyers, social media posts, and posters.

It can also include larger items such as marketing emails, brochures, special offer web pages, and even full marketing campaigns – including both the material to release to the public, and any training material or internal memos you need to give to your employees and partners.

How do I find a specialist in marketing translation services?

Once you have decided that your business can benefit from the services of a professional marketing translator, you may be wondering how you can find the right marketing translation service for you. There are lots of individuals and companies out there offering translation services, so it can be very hard to pick the right one for you. What are the options?

A marketing translation freelancer

There are plenty of people who offer freelance translation services. However, these are usually a single individual who will offer to do any translations that come their way. This can be very convenient if you need a range of items translated, but it can make it hard to find the kind of marketing expert you need. Among all the freelance translators out there, finding one who offers specialist marketing services can be rare.

Translation agencies

You will probably have better luck finding a translation agency with marketing specialists. Agencies have a range of translation experts, all of whom will have different specialities. This means that if you approach an agency, they are more likely to have the kind of expert professional you need for your marketing.

Espresso Translations for Marketing translation services

At Espresso Translations, we have expert translators who can handle over 150 languages. We also have specialists in every field of translation, including marketing. All of this means that we can help you find the right professional expert translator for you – someone who will really understand the needs of marketing material, and who can help localise your marketing to make sure it hits the right note with your overseas customers.