After a blank year when it comes to public musical performances due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our students and teachers starred in our annual Christmas concert which brought together hundreds of students, families, residents and a crowd of curious onlookers who were doing their Christmas shopping.

The concert was performed by two bands from the Music@ELIS School of Music, directed by the school teachers themselves and coordinated by the teacher Ana María Campoy; two other bands of students from the school, led by Karen Blagbrough (Music teacher); a students’ batucada directed by Simon Roberts (school headteacher) and, as a culmination, our recently formed staff choir.

The entire educational community has devoted itself to supporting this event, with a total of 18 students represented aged from 8 to 15 years with a variety of nationalities including:Chinese, Russian, Belgian, Spanish, English and Italian.

All songs were performed in English, our school main language, with a classic and modern repertoire of Christmas carols, original pieces and songs from different countries. A lighthearted touch was provided by a Christmas version of the Ramones song “I dont wanna fight tonight”, as well as a Christmas batucada.

El Limonar School Christmas concert at Zenia Boulevard
El Limonar School Christmas concert at Zenia Boulevard

The audience enjoyed 40 minutes of music during which teachers and students demonstrated their skills on a variety of instruments, including ukuleles, pianos, guitars (electric, bass), drums and percussion.

Both teachers and students attended this event after having practiced for weeks in their music lessons; the batucada team, during their breaks after lunch, and teachers on Tuesdays and Thursdays after lessons. The school was filled with a cozy atmosphere in the days leading up to the concert, with music everywhere in the air, which has made it easier for the school community to face with a better attitude the stress that usually arises on these exam dates.

“For us it is a pleasure to have performed again in Zenia Boulevard in what represents the return of a very important activity for the entire school community, where our students can share their joy and musical knowledge with their families and neighbors, and which reflects the importance that we give to this subject in our school curriculum”, stated Simon Roberts, our school headteacher.

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