A Sonic Boom on November 30 shook areas of La Union and Cartagena, Murcia, with reports of severe shaking of windows in residential properties – with fears of a bomb explosion and earthquake had hit.

“The entire building where we live has rumbled,” said Loly Robledillo Carmona.

Loly Robledillo Carmona: The entire building where we live rumbled.

“Vibrations in walls and windows – heard several kilometres away – because a colleague just called me from work in Los Belones,” said La Union based Loly.

“He also told me that he had heard two strong explosions – it seemed like if a bomb had exploded!,” she added.

  • Quote: ‘Bomb and earthquake fears as jet Sonic Boom hits’

Concerns were raised in the area, that lead to Police de la local La Union notifying the public with information that it was an aeroplane that caused the sonic boom.

“We have no further information at present,” said a statement.

Elvira Hernandez Alfocea said: “It is the first time in my life that I have heard them so loud – the windows I do not know how they have not been broken.”

Elvira Hernandez Alfocea: “I do not know how the windows have not broken.”

Reme Garcia Hernandez said: “In Cartagena, we thought it was an earthquake and all the neighbours have left. In the distance the planes have been seen.”

Veronica Garcia Gonzalez said: “They (jets) already go twice and in a row – they should take action – because this is not normal!

“The windows, I do not know how they hold. Everything has rumbled!”.

Caption: Police de la local La Union: Notified public aeroplane caused sonic boom.

By Andrew Atkinson



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