The residents of urbanisations surroundings of the Torrevieja lagoon are suffering the effects of their fourth plague of mosquitoes this year. The rains at the end of October and the sustained humidity in November see continuous hatching of the larvae from puddles and waterlogged areas next to the salt marsh of the lagoon.

In these areas the City Council have deployed fumigators to control the plague, but in some areas, such are the numbers that it is having little effect. There are also, dozens of swimming pools and private gardens experiencing swarms of mosquitos that the council is unable to enter.

The government anticipated that it would need to act in the areas flooded by the more than one hundred litres per square metre of rain that fell at the end of October, and has allocated INTI, a Madrid company employed to act against outbreaks, an extra budget to try to stop the new plague.

It is possible that the drop in temperatures in recent days has significantly reduced the discomfort caused by mosquitoes, but the respite will only be temporary, until such time as the temperature rise back to their normal levels

However, the City Council insists on social networks that it has the situation under control, with a battery of images depicting emoticons of encouragement. But the same municipal social networks, especially Instagram and Facebook, are filled with responses from members of the public pointing out affected areas and stating that they cannot even go out to walk their pets.