October is International Breast cancer awareness month and as usual the Pink Ladies will be marking this with various events throughout the month.

Top of the list this year is the promotion of a Pink Ladies Wig Appeal, and as usual we are looking for your support in promoting it through your media.

Basically ladies who undergo chemotherapy after a cancer diagnosis, one of the side effects is the loss of bodily hair.

Pink Ladies Wig Appeal

This can have a very traumatic effect for a lady to lose her hair, on top of having to deal with the disease and all the concerns that go with it so our wig appeal is to make things a little easier for them by providing a wig and a stylist to restyle the wig if required, wigs can be quite expensive and not everyone diagnosed are in a position to be able to afford the cost of a wig.

Our appeal is two pronged, firstly to ask your readers if they have a wig they no longer use or need then to kindly donate it to the Pink Ladies Wig Appeal, secondly to offer these wigs to ladies who have lost or are losing their hair due to chemotherapy treatment for as long as they need them.

As I said before we also have a number of stylists who have offered to restyle the wig as required for the individual, this service and the use of the wig is completely free of charge, hopefully this will add a little cheer to those unfortunate to be fighting this heinous disease.

Maria Wilson President AACC Orihuela Costa