• The PP points out that the current car is 21 years old
  • The expense is part of the renewal of the municipal fleet which includes another 34 vehicles

The Torrevieja Council plans to buy a vehicle, valued at 46,567 euros, for the Mayor’s Office. The item appears in the tender that is currently being considered to renew a large part of its fleet of vehicles at a cost of 694,000 euros.

In addition to the car attached to the mayor’s area, the contract includes the provision in five different lots in an open tender, of another four cars, three off-road SUVs, eight vans, six large vans, two box trucks and thirteen motorcycles.

However, the car assigned to the mayor’s office may be used by all councillors and officials and not exclusively by the Mayor Eduardo Dolon. “It is a car attached to the Mayor’s Office, it is not a mayor’s car,” a spokesman indicated.

Currently, the mayor makes most of his trips in his own vehicle, in cars from different council departments or, in cars that are made available to the deputies of the Alicante provincial government of which Dolón is a member.

The current official vehicle allocated to the Mayor’s Office, registered in 2001, is practically useless and is hardly used, although between 2008 and 2015 the Council also had a rented Volkswagen Phaenton.

The previous left-wing government team renounced the use of official cars, travelling in utility vehicles from the Services area or in their own private cars.

The contract for the new acquisitions is justified by the age and wear of the current municipal vehicles, which suffer from “a large number of breakdowns, sometimes remaining unrepaired due to their high cost.”



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